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Unique faculty " Biomegical Engineering" in the country is founded in 1998 and carries out preparation of engineers on two specialities:

The history of the creation of faculty originates since the 60s when the rector of MHTS n.a. N.E.Bauman academician G.A.Nikolaev and professor V.I.Loshchilov with collective of associates have begun a new scientific direction - ultrasonic technology in surgery and therapy.

Then active and productive cooperation of scientists of MGTU and doctors has begun for creation of the medical equipment and technologiesare for sharp, divisions, connections and processings of biological fabrics. Rapid development of this direction has led to creation pioneer, with the world novelty, essentially new medical technologies and devices for the surgery, allowing essentially to reduce surgical interventions traumatism, to increase efficiency of treatment, to reduce terms of stay of patients in hospitals. The lead interdisciplinary basic researches in the field of biophysics, biomechanics, medical acoustics have been awarded medals, the State premiums of the USSR, and for researches in the field of bone tissue biomechanics and dynamics of aortic valve heart complex collectives of MGTUnamed by N.E.Bauman and physicians was received with two certificates on scientific discoveries.

In the 70-80s lead research of electromechanical effects in biofabrics have begun a new scientific direction: « Bioadequate electromagnetic therapy and nonivasive diagnostics of blood circulation » which development has led to creation of generation of medical devices and systems for treatment and diagnostics of the wide range of diseases.

The faculty «Biomedical technical systems and devices» (BME1) was founded in 1978.The first manager became the professor, doctor of engineering sciences, the laureate of the State premium of the USSR V.I.Loshchilov. On faculty together with the Moscow medical academy retraining by medical technics of engineers and doctors has been organized, and since 1983 the students admission on day time and evening division in MGTU n.a. N.E.Bauman was opened. Since 1988 the doctor of engineering science, the professor,the laureate of the State premium of RSFSR V.P.Zharov was the head of faculty, under him direction engineers-developers of new domestic medical technics prepares.

20 years later on the basis of achievements in scientifically-educational activity, personnel potentials of faculty and laboratory « Nonivasive medical-diagnostic systems » the faculty -  «Medical-technical and information technologies» (BME2) which manager is the professor,the doctor of engineering science S.I.Shchukin has been opened. The faculty prepares for students on a speciality " Engineering in a medicobiologic practice ".

Last year in MGTU faculty " Valueology " (BME3) is created by which manager is the professor, the doctor of medical science G.I.Semikin. The faculty for all students of University spends studies at the course "Valueology" which purpose is the bases of medical, psychological and ecological knowledge development of students. The faculty also participates in medicobiologic preparation of students of faculty specialities.

Adres: 107005, Russia, Moscow, 14 Brigadirskiy bystreet, the 3-rd floor.
Phone and fax:
+7 (495) 263-67-73
+7 (495) 263-67-73 (fax)
BME Faculty, BSTU
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