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Improvement of professional skill

 Courses improvement of professional skill in a direction "Biomedical engineering" in BMSTU

   Are focused on: heads, chief engineers, heads of manufactures of the enterprises of medical technics.

   The beginning of study - on according to groups admission. Studies are spent by leading professors and teachers of faculty " Biomedical Engineering " of BMSTU, leading experts of the country in the field of manufacture of medical technics, heads of divisions of Federal supervision in sphere of public health and social development service. Ours 35-years experience of retraining of experts in the field of bioengineering and biomicical technics will allow us to perform the work qualitatively and with advantage for you.

The program fundamentals and the Curriculum of improvement of professional leading employee skill in a direction "Biomedical Engineering" are confirmed by the Rector of University and coordinated from Federal supervision in sphere of public health and social development service. The plan provides 123 hours-long two-week (with work being discontinued) a cycle of improvementl of professional skill. This cycle contains lecturing, carrying out of practical training, connected with legal regulation in sphere of medical technics circulation, business licensing ,medical devices certification , order of acceptance and tests (technical and clinical) devices. International quality standards ISO 9004 fundamentals, a condition and prospects of meical technics development and the therapy, diagnostics, surgeries equipments are considered. After the termination of improvement of professional skill the improvement of professional skill certificate of the state sample gives out to listeners .

The marketing educational services Center of BMSTU is engaged to preparation and the conclusion of retraining contracts. Organizational, methodical and study employees of faculty BMT (Gorshkova V.D., Kvashnin S.E.) are engaged.

Educational lectures take place in the specialized University lecture-rooms equipped by modern means, allowing to illustrate lectures by modern audio and video materials. We shall provide you with a distributing material which will be useful to you and to your further work.

Duration of training - two weeks. Improvement of professional skill is spent with work being discontinued (the daily beginning of studies, except saturdays and sundays - at 10:15, duration - 8 teaching periods). Total teaching hours- 72, out-of-class hours (independent work) - 51.

Wishing to raise qualification should inform on the intention to coordinator -  professor Kvashnin Sergey Evgenevich E-mail:, ph. (499)-263-6773.

For inclusion in group of listeners it is necessary to send by fax (fax. (499)-261-97-63, (499)-263-66-05) payment organization requisites (for registration of the contract on training with the marketing educational services center BMSTU) with surname, name and a patronymic of the directed employee (presence of the diploma about higher education is obligatory).

The list of the documents necessary for registration of the contract about granting of paid educational services:
1) The letter of guarantee from the organization;
2) Nameplate data of the employee directed on training (a x-copy of 1-st, 2-nd and 5-th pages of the passport);
3) A copy of the diploma about higher education.


- concerning official registration of papers and the conclusion of contracts on improvement of professional skill: the marketing educational services center BMSTU:
ph.: (499)261-9763,
fax: (499)263-66-05

- concerning the organization of educational process: faculty «Biomedical Engineering» BMSTU:
docent Gorshkova Vera Dmitrievna - ph. 8-910-406-7415,
professor Kvashnin Sergey Evgenevich - E-mail:, ph.(499)-263-6773

At presence of empty seats (the information it is possible to receive on ph. (499)-261-21-02 probably accommodation in BMSTU hotel.

Cost of hotel accommodation is not included in cost of training.

Cost of training:  33500 roubles.

By inquiry we can send you the curriculum, summaries of readable lectures.

There is an opportunity of reading of a series of lectures in concrete directions of bioengineering and imedical technics under the order of the enterprises for similar groups of listeners.

Listeners should have at themselves the passport and a copy of the diploma about higher education.


The curriculum page 1, page 2.

The sample of the certificate on improvement of professional skill  Picture1


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Phone and fax:
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