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BME2 laboratories

Noninvasive medical-diagnostic devices end systems

   Structure of laboratory - 15 employees, including candidates and doctors of technical and medical sciences, post-graduate students of faculty " Biomedical technical systems and devices " BMSTU and SRI Radio electronics and Laser Technics of MGTUn.a. N.E.Bauman.
   In laboratory it is accumulated more than 15-years experience of development of new medical technics. The medicotechnical school which is engaged not only actually technical development was generated, and also it creates techniques of clinical application of iatrotechnics on the basis of fundamental biophysical and medical and biologic researches . Experts of the leading medical centers of Russia take part in these works (the Main Military Clinical Hospital n.a. N.N.Burdenko, the Moscow Medical Academy n.a. Setchenov, the Russian State Medical University).
   The main directions of works are:

  • basic researches of organism responses on external bioadequate electromagnetic influence; modelling of similar reactions; development of devices and techniques for electromagnetic influence with the medical and diagnostic purposes, including the influence synchronized on pulse of the patient;
  • system engineering for nonivasive diagnostics of cardiovascular system of the person; this direction includes mathematical models of a vascular channel development and parameters of models identification by nonivasive measurements results;
  • development of computer monitor systems for diagnostics of the central, peripheral and cerebral blood circulation, using the newest algorithms of digital processing of signals;
  • development of models, criterions and optimization algorithms of electromagnetic influence with use of channels of a feedback.


  As a result of spent researches essentially new data about interaction of external electromagnetic fields with systems of an organism are obtained, which allow to put correctly physical, technical, medical problems of creation new generation of the intellectual medical equipment for individual therapy and active diagnostics.

   For years of laboratory existence a number of commercially sold devices and the systems used in leading clinics of the country is developed. The most known development are:
   Devices for electromagnetic therapy "Cascade" and "Cascade-Synchro",
   Computer diagnostic systems " Reovasographiya", and " System for nonivasive complex diagnostics of a vascular channel "

The manager of laboratory: the professor,the doctor of engineering science Schookin Sergey Igorevich,
Phone: (495) 263-6773, (495) 263-6372


BME1 laboratories

Laser biomedical measurement

   The manager of laboratory- the doctor of engineering science, the professor Spiridonov Igor Nikolaevich, the author of 150 scientific works in the field of optical instrument making, the full member of Academy of medicoengineering science.    

 Structure of laboratory: the candidate of engineering science  I.. pollonova, the candidate of engineering science L.P. Safonova, I.V. rsv, .V. Smrdv and 11 students of faculty BME BMSTU
  he main directions of works are:  

  • Laser methods of a quantitative parameters estimation of structure and soft and firm fabrics, biological micropreparations images form .
  • Laser infrared testing firm and soft fabrics of a mouth.  
  • System engineering and complexes for processing medical images.
  • Methods of an estimation of a psychophysical condition.
  • During spent researches the original results are received, allowing to carry out automated congenital and hereditary diseases diagnostics, to spend an estimation of a functional condition, quantitatively to estimate features of the form, structure and composition of biological micropreparations that application in hematology, histology, immunology. Researches in the field of infrared testing have allowed to develop a method and to create the equipment for noòionizing diagnostics of soft and firm biofabrics.


In laboratory a number of devices and systems is developed. The most known development are:

Medical-diagnostic complex "Fluorit -4S"
   The laser analyzer of images papillary patterns for medical genetics, criminalistics and anthropology (MALACHIT), the software for automated dermatoglyphic researches "Dermatoglifika".  
   The laser blood analyzer (GRANAT-1, GRANAT-2), the software "GemoAnalis-M".

he manager of laboratory: the doctor of engineering science, the professor Spiridonov Igor Nikolaevich
ph. (495) 263-6791,

Medical acoustics

The description of laboratory and other helpful information is on group site "Medical acoustics"

The head of the group "Medical acoustics" is Kvashnin S.E.
Ph.: 7-(495)-263-60-51 (Moscow),

Adres: 107005, Russia, Moscow, 14 Brigadirskiy bystreet, the 3-rd floor.
Phone and fax:
+7 (495) 263-67-73
+7 (495) 263-67-73 (fax)
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